Nostalgic: For Ireland Pt 3

On Wednesday we headed north from Westport to Glencastle (this is my Ancestral Home)...

The Road to Glencastle
Oh yes, they are EVERYWHERE
Glencastle, County Mayo
Glencastle Cemetery on a Hill
Glencastle Old Cemetery
The Full Shilling Pub (Free Lunch Here)!
Belmullet, County Mayo
Belmullet, County Mayo
Heading to Geesala
Munnelly's Store & House (they're Pub is across the street)

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  1. I'm very impressed you know the names of what you are photographing! I have hundreds of photos and no clue what they are of!

  2. Hi I'm intrigued that Glencastle is your ancestral home. I live there so who were your ancestors and where did they emigrate to? I love your pictures, recognise them all. Did you get to meet any of your relations when you got here.