Aug 12, 2015

Edward A. Manley (1879-1880)

Edward A. Manley was the first child of Hugh Manley and Ettie Potter. Born in Thorold, Welland Co, Ontario, Canada on the Jun 24, 1879 and baptized on Jul 16, 1879 at Holy Rosary RC Church. His Godparents were his Uncle Frank Manley and his Aunt Eliza Potter. Early in 1880 the family relocated to Chicago, IL and in the spring of that year, young Edward passed away before reaching his first birthday.

He died on Apr 19, 1880 and is buried with his parents at Calvary Cemetery in Evanston, IL.

Parents of Edward A. Manley:
Hugh Manley (1856-1925)
Henrietta Potter (1859-1894)