Nov 24, 2009

Edward Manley (1849 < 1861)

This Edward Manley is a bit of a mystery to me. He was on the U.S. Federal Census in Portage, Livingston Co, New York in 1850 as the son of Edward and Margaret Manley, born in 1849. He doesn't appear anywhere else in the future. In the 1861 Census of Canada, Edward and Margaret appear in Grantham Twp. with three children, John, Hugh and Mary but no Edward. Later that year they had another son and named him Edward.

So I have to presume that this Edward died sometime before 1861. I have not been able to find a death record. The only clue I have is the cemetery records from Lakeview Cemetery in Thorold, ON. I have the record for the plot that contains the graves of Edward and Margaret Manley. It is a ''family'' plot and has provisions for up to six people. The six people buried here are;
  1. Edward Manley
  2. Margaret Manley (Dixon), wife of Edward
  3. John Manley, son of Edward
  4. Maggie Manley (Flynn), wife of John
  5. Edward, see note
  6. Margaret Griffin, see note
No 5. Edward - I am wondering if this could be our Edward, born in 1849. All of the other Edward's in the family are accounted for.

No 6. Margaret Griffin - This is the stillborn child of the sister-in-law of Edward (the 2nd Edward born in 1861), son of Edward and Margaret.

So, to Edward born in 1849, this is your page. I wish we knew more about you.

Parents of Edward Manley:
Edward Manley (1819-1903)
Margaret Dixon (1821-1881)

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