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James Vine (1826-1899)

James Fabian Vine was born on the 20th of January, 1826 and baptized in the parish of Thursford, Norfolk, England on the 29th of January, 1826.  He is the sixth child of William Vine and Mary Ann Gould. In or around 1837 he immigrated to the United States with his parents and siblings and settled in Alden, Erie Co, NY. At some point over the next few years, he entered Canada and it is thought that he may have spent some time with his older brother William in Toronto before settling himself in the Town of Niagara.

On August 25th, 1847 James was married to Hannah Barker. The wedding ceremony was performed by the Rev. E.B. Harper and took place in the Town of Niagara. Hannah was born on Feb 5, 1832 to John and Ann Barker in Skipsea, Yorkshire, England. At the time of the marriage, both were residents of Niagara. In the 1851 Census, James and Hannah were living in St. Andrews Ward and already had three children. James was a farmer and a butcher and had been busy buying up property in Niagara.

The family is living in Stamford Twp, Welland County in the 1861 Census and the number of children has grown to nine. On Mar 20th, 1862 James purchased a plot of land in Louth Twp, Lincoln County. The deed describes him as a resident of Stamford Twp, Welland County. On Oct 17, 1864 James again buys property, this time at Lot 23, Concession 5 in Grantham Twp, Lincoln County. This is where he builds what becomes known as ''The Farm'' and where he remains for the rest of his life. At the time of the 1871 Census the family has grown to thirteen children. Only nine appear in the census as four have already married and moved out. Over the next few years they have two more children, for a grand total of fifteen and appear on the 1881 and 1891 census listings in Grantham Twp.

On the 25th of August, 1897 James and Hannah celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a party at the farm. The St. Catharines Standard published a report of the event the following day;
A golden wedding was celebrated on Wednesday, Aug 25th, at the residence of Mr. And Mrs. James Vine, Sr., of Louth Township, when the estimable couple held a reception from 4 to 10 o'clock pm. A large number of friends were present, including Mr. Vine's brother from Iowa, whom he had not seen for forty-two years. Of a large family, seven daughters and three sons were present. These have nineteen grandchildren and one great-grandchild. His son George and family from Minnesota were also present as well as many friends from other portions of the United States. A very enjoyable time was spent by everyone present, who all wished Mr. and Mrs. Vine a very long, happy and prosperous future. Dainty refreshments were served to over one hundred guests, one of whom was present fifty years ago.
A word about "The Farm"...
I don't know the exact date the farm was built but the property was purchased by James in 1864. The farm remained in the family right up until the mid 1970's. My great grandmother was living there then and sold it when she had to move to a nursing home. Shortly afterwards it burned to the ground. Now a highway runs through it...however, I have many fond memories of playing there as a child; helping my great grandma make applesauce, rummaging through my great Aunt's old bedrooms, getting yelled at for sliding down the bannister and being scared to death of the pond out back because someone told me there were bloodsuckers in it.

The 'Vine' Farm, St. Catharines, ON, Canada

James died on the 21st of January, 1899, followed by Hannah on the 20th of January, 1912. They are buried together at Victoria Lawn Cemetery in St. Catharines, ON, Canada.

Tombstone of James and Hannah Vine
Victoria Lawn Cemetery, St. Catharines, ON

Obituary, St. Catharines Standard, January 21, 1899;
This morning there passed away one of the district's well known men, James Vine Sr., of Grantham. Deceased was 73 years of age and was one of the best known men in the Niagara peninsula, and his large circle of friends will hear with regret of his death. Besides a widow there survives four sons and seven daughters, Albert Vine and James Vine Jr. of this city; George and Charles Vine, Crookston, Minn; Mrs. C. Gannon, Mrs. C. Smith, Mrs. J. Cramer, Grantham; Mrs. (Rev. Dr.) Burns, Hamilton; Misses Laura, Delia and Eva Vine. A considerable degree of sympathy will be extended to the family in their sad bereavement.

Funeral, St. Catharines Standard, January 24, 1899;
The funeral of the late James Vine took place on Monday afternoon to Victoria Lawn cemetery and was very largely attended, a great number of friends of the deceased turning out to pay a last tribute of respect to the memory of the departed one. Religious services were conducted at the house by Rev. G.W. Calvert, assisted by Rev. W. Smythe, after which interment took place. Those who acted as pall bearers were H.M. Bowslaugh, A. Cole, A.G. Hall, Geo Vanderburgh, W. Pay, Thos E. Dudley.
The last will and testament of James Vine was made on May 13, 1898 and proved and registered on February 16, 1899. He appointed his daughter Laura to be the sole executor. In it he left his entire estate to his wife Hannah, which included 75 acres of Lot 23 on the 5th concession of the Township of Grantham. He also stipulated that upon Hannah's death the entire estate should be sold and converted to cash (if not already done so) with $200.00 being given to each of his married daughters and the remainder to be split equally between his unmarried daughters. Twp of Grantham, Probate Court #5717, Book 13, 1899

A few interesting and amusing mentions about James from the local papers...

St. Catharines Evening Journal, October 15, 1862;
A fat cow and steer exhibited by Mr. Jas. Vine, of this town, attracted great attention and deservedly so, for they are immense beasts. the cow weighs 2,300 lbs and the steer 2,100 lbs. Many epicures yesterday indulged in beautific dreams of fine roasts, etc. at Christmas, when Mr. Vine will no doubt convert these beaves into beef. The cow took the first prize at the Provincial Exhibition.
The Toronto Globe, March 30, 1876;
Some time since a nomadic dog, the property of one James Collaton, of this town, while out in Louth, killed several valuable sheep, the property of Mr. James Vine. Mr. Vine brought a suit against Collaton, and the Magistrate before whom the case was tried (J.W. Keating) adjudged that the owner of the dog should pay the amount of damage sustained. Collaton, however could not pay for the simple reason that he was impecunious, and possessed of no goods or chattels on which to levy. Mr Vine then demanded payment from the corporation, on the ground that the dog was owned in the municipality, and as the owner was not responsible the town must father the transgression of the aforesaid canine. The council referred the matter to the solicitor, Mr. F.W. Macdonald, who has decided that the town is entitled to pay the claim preferred by Mr. Vine.
St. Catharines Journal, April 19, 1877;
A sad accident happened to one of Mr. James Vine's children on Friday last. The child was attacked by a dog and bitten in the face. The wounds are very severe, it being said that one of the child's cheeks has been almost torn off. If that be the case the child will probably be disfigured for life. It would be well if some action were taken by the authorities to suppress many of the useless curs which are to be met with daily in every part of the city.
The St. Catharines Daily Standard, August 13, 1895;
Mr. J. Vine had an adventure last evening that proved rather exciting. It was nearly dark and going outside he saw two men in a buggy intently watching his house. He asked them what they wanted and they said they guessed they'd sleep in the buggy just where they were. 'No, you won't. You just clear out of here', replied Mr. Vine, emphasizing the remark by drawing his revolver. The men left at once. Mr. V. has an idea that the men intended to break into his house just as soon as the lights were put out.

Children of James Vine and Hannah Barker:

Frederick (1848-1877)
Mary (1849-1930)
James (1851-1937)
Adah (1853-1920)
Edah (1853-1914)
William (1855-1875)
George (1856-1853)
Clara (1858-1928)
Charles (1860-1930)
Albert (1863-1923)
Francis (1865-1894)
Laura (1869-1953)
Delia (1870-1929)
Eva (1873-1936)
Ethel (1879-1880)

Parents of James Vine:
William Vine (1787-1852)
Mary Ann Gould (1796-1879)

Parents of Hannah Barker:
John Barker

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