Nov 21, 2009

The King Street Viaduct

Article published in the St. Catharines Standard, January 30, 1913 with ''Comments from prominent St. Catharines businessmen regarding the proposed King Street bridge"
George Vine - "The building of the King Street Viaduct will open up thousands of acres of the finest land for factory sites and building lots" is the way George Vine, 186 Ontario St., views the proposition. "Think how long the ravine would remain unbridged in a progressive western city! Only long enough to get the work done. And that is how it should be here. One has only to look across the canal to see this section to realize the vast possibilities ahead of the city when it is properly opened up. It is an ideal location for great manufacturies and with the bridge erected the many progressive firms in the United States who are looking to locate Canadian branches would readily be impressed with the splendid advantages offered. The coming of factories means the coming of workmen, and these men must have homes. And this addition to our population would make the demand for stores to supply the needs of those homes. I am not the son of a prophet, but I can see a great future ahead for that section, when the viaduct becomes an accomplished fact, as I feel sure it will. Let me tell you something. This city within the last week has realized a wonderful change of sentiment regarding that bridge. I can name you many men who formerly opposed the Viaduct who are now supporters and many more who had been only half-hearted supporters who are now enthusiasts. I have spent considerable time among the people of the west end and I can vouch for a decided number who have told me that their votes will go for ''the ideal route'' for they now realize the great advantage it will be to the city as a whole".

"Speaking of the alternate route for a moment, my idea is that there is no earthly use in spending money to build a bridge that will soon have to be rebuilt, and which at least will be but a zig zag eyesore".

"The King Street route is our only proper outlet, "the ideal route" that within a reasonable radius will open to us valuable territory from which the revenue will within a very short time more than doubly repay the cost of the bridge. Let the good work go on".
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