Jan 12, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday ~ A Mother's Aura

Marjorie Eleanor (Vine) Manley (1933-1984)
~ Life Is A Caberet Old Chum ~

This is my Mother's gravestone (center)

The photo itself is a little ''interesting'' because the day it was taken the weather wasn't very nice. It was a grey, drizzly kind of day. We took about 50 pictures that day of various things in various locations and they all turned out looking grey and drizzly. Except this one. At the time it was taken I was standing just outside of the shot talking out loud to my Mom about a rather serious issue that had recently come to light. My husband was just to the left and he took the picture while I was talking.

There may be a 'photographic' explanation but I prefer to think my Mom was letting me know that she was listening ;-)

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