Apr 22, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday ~ The Case of the Missing Pocket Watch

My husband who is a man of very few material wants or needs decided that he would like to bring something 'special' home for himself as a keepsake of our trip to Ireland. He finally decided on a pocket watch, and after looking at several, he found 'the one' in a little shop in Connemara in the west of Ireland. It was made by Mullingar Pewter in Westmeath Co and is embossed with an image of the Ha' Penny Bridge in Dublin.

We got home and unpacked our bags and then he realized that something was missing. His watch was not there. We searched and searched through our bags until we finally accepted the fact that it just wasn't there. He was so disappointed because this was the one memento he had to remember this trip.

Since we had last seen the watch on the bed in our hotel room in Dublin when we were packing, we decided to email the hotel to see if there was any chance it had been turned in. Much to our amazement, we received a reply that they had checked the room and had actually found it on the floor near the bed. It must have been knocked off when we were packing. About a week later my husband was ecstatic to receive a package in the mail from Ireland containing the missing pocket watch.

It was 'meant' to be his ;-)

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