Mrs. Hiscott ~ Mystery Woman

Mrs. Hiscott
This digital photo is a scan of the original held in the collection of the Niagara Historical Society Museum and is identified only as ''Mrs. Hiscott''. The question is which Mrs. Hiscott is she?

  • Mary Simpson (1790-1852), 1st wife of Richard
  • Martha Reed (1803-1860's), 2nd wife of Richard
  • Elizabeth Ann Coleman (1804-1878), 3rd wife of Richard
  • Hannah Maria Read (1828-1912), wife of James
  • Elizabeth Clement (1830-1897), wife of Thomas
  • Catherine Ann Depotie (1838-1928), wife of Edward
I can try researching the style of dress and bonnet that she is wearing and try to date this however these are all 19th century women so narrowing it down to one may be impossible. Unless of course someone recognizes her and can let me know who she is.


  1. Hi Sharon, I can help a wee bit. It's not the first gal who died in 1852. photography was not available to the masses until 1854. This gal is wearing what's called a Bishop Sleeve which was popular early 1860s. Everything about her dress, bonnet, hairstyle etc indicate early 1860s. She's elderly so if we go by what women are in their 50s or older in 1860 who are we left with? My money's on #2 or #3. What does the carte de visite say on the back? What does the photographer logo look like (if there is one) You might be able to narrow it by seeing who the photographer is and when he/she was doing business. Have you seen my articles on dating old photos?

  2. Thanks Lorine, just checking out your articles now. As always, great information. Thanks for your thoughts, I think you're right. Maybe not as impossible as I thought.