Dec 27, 2009

A Serendipitous Christmas Gift

This is an update to a previous entry titled "Genealogy and Serendipity". It all started when I got married on January 6th almost 14 years ago. At that time I had picked out Thank You cards for my wedding gifts. The front cover of the card was a copy of an oil painting called ''The Wedding Procession'' by Sir Samuel Luke Fildes, painted in 1883. About ten years later, I was doing some research on Irish traditions and came across an article called ''Shrovetide - The Marrying Season'' written by Bridget Haggerty at a site called Irish Culture and Customs. This article really caught my attention because it mentioned that the Irish marrying season began the day after Epiphany, January 6th (my anniversary) and the picture attached to the article was the same picture that was on my cards.

My husband read the original post and saw the little *hint* that I left for him. On Christmas morning, I got my surprise ;-)

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