Mar 26, 2010

Mother Monica ~ Part V

Today St. Joseph's Hospital, founded by Mother Monica is known as the St. Joseph's Care Group and is a fully accredited, multi-million dollar institution employing and caring for a vast number of people. Despite the many changes over the past 125 years the five sisters that made that fateful trip in 1881 have not been forgotten and tributes to Mother Monica as it's Foundress continue to this day. This framed commemoration hangs in the lobby of the hospital now ...

Since her death in 1931, tributes, memorials and monuments to Mother Monica's achievements have continued...

In July of 1934 St. Joseph's Hospital celebrated it's own Golden Jubilee (1884-1934). A memorial statue of St. Joseph was erected on a piece of land between the Hospital and the Convent with a bronze memorial tablet dedicated to Mother Monica affixed to it's base.

On the tablet these words were engraved:
As a testimonial of the fifty years of noble and gracious deeds for stricken humanity completed this year by St. Joseph's General Hospital, Port Arthur. Almost the entire span of fifty years was passed under the energetic leadership of the late Reverend Mother Monica who departed this life January 23rd, 1931

In 2007 the Sisters of St. Joseph of Sault Ste. Marie again honored Mother Monica with a new monument in St. Andrew's cemetery. A new headstone was commissioned and erected and a gathering attended a consecration ceremony. The monument was unveiled and blessed by Bishop Frederick Colli.

I would like to thank and acknowledge the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peterborough and the St. Joseph's Care Group of Thunder Bay for their assistance and generosity in allowing me to get to know Mother Monica and share her story with you. I am justifiably proud and honored to have found this wonderful woman in my family tree.

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